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Congratulations to one of our own!

Jean Tiffany Cox, MS, RD, LN, has won the Excellence in Practice in Women's Health award for 2018 given by the Academy's Women's Health Dietetic Practice Group. 

Jean Tiffany Cox was raised on a farm in southern Minnesota.  She received her BS in Food Science and Dietetics from Iowa State University and did her dietetic internship at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston Massachusetts.  She then served 3.5 years in the Peace Corps in Honduras, supervising feeding programs for malnourished preschoolers but also teaching nutrition and related topics to many groups, including parents, teachers, community health workers, doctors, CARE personnel, and fellow Peace Corps Volunteers.  She then earned an MS in International Nutrition from Cornell University, researching the EFNEP program in New York City to identify modifications needed when they began to serve a new target population.  She also participated in research in Panama, looking at the effect of parasitic infections on nutritional status and growth of preschoolers.  Following graduate school she worked for WIC in both New Jersey and New Mexico.  Since 1991 she has done medical nutrition therapy for women of reproductive age, primarily focusing on pregnant women attending community clinics partially funded by Title V.  Counseling is done in both English and Spanish.  As part of the Department of OB/GYN at the University of New Mexico, she also did the nutrition counseling for women attending the MFM clinics.  Recently as an employee of the University of New Mexico Hospital, she has expanded her nutrition practice to include pediatric nephrology patients.

She has done presentations on nutrition during pregnancy and lactation for the OB/GYN residents and faculty, RN and medical students, lactation consultants, nutrition students at UNM, and WIC personnel.  She has co-authored papers on nutrition during pregnancy, requested by doctors and written for both national and international medical publications.  She was co-author of the AND Practice paper on Nutrition and Women’s Health.  She is currently co-author of the UpToDate article on pica in pregnancy, as well as the chapter on pregnancy and lactation for the Krause’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process textbook.

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