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Registered Dietitian - Albuquerque, NM

Position Overview – Dietitian II:

This is the intermediate level position in the Nutrition Department of the Company. This position requires the individual to work closely with all EDTC Employees, Management, and Clients while supporting the mission of the Company to provide clinical and nutritional counseling services to those in need. Employee will provide nutritional counseling in both and individual and group therapy settings. Employee may be assigned to provide research on issues or topics as required by Clinical Director or Director of Nutritional Services. Employee may be required to provide meal plan management for participants in group therapy programs and provide close supervision of clients participating in such programs as needed.

Position Reports to:

Director of Nutritional Services

Position Supervises:


Job Functions:

· Develop and help clients implement effective meal planning to reach and maintain recommended body mass index or other established nutritional or biometric parameters.

· Provide individual counseling and therapy to clients and/or families on nutrition and dietetics.

· Provide individual and group counseling on exercise and other activities to maintain healthy body weight.

· Lead Nutritional Counseling Program Elements in Group Therapy Program Sessions, including both Intensive Outpatient and Day Treatment Level of Care Programs.

· Assist Clinical Director or Director of Nutritional Services as needed in preparation of program materials, researching clinical treatment modalities, preparation of clinical session notes, etc., with regard to nutrition and dietetics

Position Requirements:

· Preferred: Master’s Degree in Nutrition or related curriculum such as human nutrition, nutrition education, foods and nutrition, or public health nutrition.

· Hold licensure and registration as a Dietitian by the Nutrition and Dietetic Practice Board of New Mexico and the Commission on Dietetic Registration, respectively.

· Demonstrate a specific interest in working with those suffering from an eating disorder or related diagnosis.

· Commitment to HIPAA Requirements and Company’s Implementation of such.

· Excellent written and oral communication skills.

· Willing and able to work as a part of team to achieve company objectives with regard to Client Counseling and Support.


NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may be required to perform other related duties as requested to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.

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