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Registered Dietitian - New Mexico

Registered/Licensed Dietitian: Dairy MAX

Contact:  Katie McKee email:

Location: New Mexico

Job Description: This home-based position, in the greater New Mexico area. is responsible for coordination and implementation of our Health & Wellness (H&W) platform, that involves ability to develop and maintain relationships with reputational thought leaders to demonstrate dairy’s essential role in a healthy lifestyle and sustainable food system. The Program Coordinator must be able to leverage science-based evidence to drive overall results.

Additional strategic objectives include:

  • Enhance and protect the image of dairy.

  • Provide a positive return on investment to our dairy farm families.

  • Collaborate with influential partners to amplify our impact.

  • Create lifelong loyalty to dairy.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate complex events, such as farm tours and culinary events, to drive results including overall logistics and on-site execution.

  • Assist in achieving nutrition communications goals to drive measurable results, which includes serving as media communicator for designated media markets.

  • Participate on H&W team to drive strategy. Coordinate projects such as nutrition education materials, dairy farm tours, and other key initiatives. Track and report results, trends, and opportunities to the Director of H&W.

  • Implement School Marketing Programs and develop effective partnerships and execute relationship plans with targeted decision-makers and influencers. Make data-driven decisions to drive greatest opportunity for growth. Support the leadership of the School Marketing team in the planning and development of strategies and programs.

  • Collaborate with other Dairy MAX program areas (Industry Image & Relations Team, Business Development, and Communications Team) to integrate H&W and School Marketing initiatives and goals.

Education and Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in nutrition or related field, registered dietitian nutritionist preferred but not required, and 5+ years of experience in health professional field. 

Application Deadline: 08/17/2020

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