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NMAND Board of Directors

NMAND Board of Directors

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President: Brenda Riojas, RDN, LD

  • §  Leads the Affiliate board members in accomplishing the strategic plan for the year and monitoring the affiliates fiscal health

Past-President:  Diane Phillips, RDN, LD

  • §  Chair of the Bylaws Committee

President-Elect: Verdaleen Denetdale, RDN, LD

  • §  Works closely with the president to be able to transition smoothly into the role of president
  • §  Serves on several of the NMAND Committees

Secretary: Erin Kuh, MBA, RD

  • §  Maintains records including but not limited to minutes, board policies, legal documents, and contracts
  • §  Records minutes and initiates correspondence for the Affiliate

Treasurer: Cassandra Vanderpool

  • §  Acts as chief volunteer financial officer of the organization and chair of the Finance Committee
  • §  Manages insurance records, contracts and accounting for the organization

Delegate: Kathryn Coakley, PhD, RDN 

  • §  Represents the NM membership at the AND House of Delegates (HOD)
  • §  Reports AND issues and delegate activities to the Board and membership quarterly
  • §  Serves on the Public Policy and Bylaw Committees

Public Policy Coordinator: Stephanie Rogus, PhD, RD

  • §  Communicates the Academy policy initiatives, grassroots initiatives and the Academy's public policy stances to affiliate members
  • §  Arranges appointments with US Senators and US Representatives offices
  • §  Chair of the Public Policy Committee

State Policy Representative: : Catherine McDivitt, RDN, LD

  • §  Tracks state legislative issues and opportunities of importance to registered dietitians
  • §  Communicates and mobilizes affiliate members at grassroots level
  • §  Coordinates state legislation initiatives and relationship building efforts
  • §  Member of the Public Policy Committee
  • §  Coordinates with NMAND Lobbyist (if one is employed)

State Regulatory Specialist: Vacant

  • §  Tracks state regulatory issues of importance to registered dietitians
  • §  Communicates opportunities and challenges to affiliate members
  • §  Conveys current statutes and rules that impact dietetics practice (including but not limited to scope of practice, facility and program requirements, and other documents that define the requirements and responsibilities of dietitians in New Mexico) to the membership
  • §  Member of Public Policy Committee

Consumer Protection Coordinator: Rachel Leung, MS, RD

  • §  Liaison between NMAND and the State Licensure Board
  • §  Leader on consumer protection issues and their impact on Dietetic Licensure issues

Professional Issues Coordinator: Gabriel Gaarden

  • §  Chairs the Conference Planning Committee, which plans and executes the Annual Meeting and Fall Event

Professional Issues Coordinator-Elect: Vacant

  • §  Assists the Professional Issues Coordinator in planning and executing the Annual Meeting and Fall Event
  • §  Chairs the Selection Committee of the NMAND Student Scholarships

Publications Coordinator Vacant

  • §  Serves as Editor of the NMAND newsletter (La Carta)

Nominating Committee Chair: : Catherine McDivitt, RDN, LD

  • §  Identifies potential leaders for the NMAND organization
  • §  Recruits candidates for NMAND Board of Directors positions
  • §  Coordinates the NMAND election and notifies the candidates of election results
  • §  Serves on the NMAND Award Committee

Nominating Committee Chair-Elect: Heather Davis, MS, RDN

  • §  Participates in candidate recruitment for NMAND Board of Directors positions
  • §  Assists the Nominating Chair in coordinating the NMAND election and notifying the candidates of election results
  • §  Serves on the NMAND Award Committee

Nominating Committee Members: Heather Luffey

  • §  Works with the Nominating Committee Chair and Nominating Committee Chair-Elect to identify potential leaders for the NMAND organization
  • §  Serves on the NMAND Award Committee

 Membership Coordinator: Vacant

  • §  Coordinates activities to recruit new members and retain current members
  • §  Coordinates the NMAND Listserv

Media Coordinator: Vacant

  • §  Coordinates media-related promotional activities
  • §  Serves as a resource to state and district on media training 

Webmaster: Vacant

  • §  Manages the website and communicates updates to the board and membership

AMPC Administrative AssistantVacant

  • §   Paid secretary for the Annual Meeting Planning Committee



2016-2017 NMAND Board Meetings

  • Monday, August 22, 2016 , 5pm - 8pm
  • Monday, November 7, 2016, 5pm - 8pm
  • Saturday, February 4, 2017 9am - 12pm
  • Monday, May 1, 2017, 5pm - 8pm