"Got Nutrition" The NMAND Annual Meeting

Our Annual Spring Pre-Conference Event and Conference and Expo are coming up on April 10th and 11th. The theme this year is "Got Nutrition" and the relevant speaker topics, research posters and pre-conference event reflect it!

Go to the "Meetings and Events" tab on the navigation bar at the top of this page and then choose "Annual Meeting" from the dropdown menu for all of the details on the Pre-Conference Event and the 2014 "Got Nutrition" Conference and Expo. Continue to scroll down the page for a concise list of prices, registration information, hotel reservation information and vendor exhibition information.

Please Note: Registration for the Pre-Conference Event is now closed!

Early registration price discounts for the Conference and Expo have been extended until April 11th! However a lunch meal with the meeting is only guaranteed for those who completed Early Registration by March 28th. Some of the speaker handouts for the Conference are now available. Click on the Links below to access and download the handouts. More handouts are arriving everyday...so check back before the Conference to make sure you have all of the handouts available.


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The Conference and Expo includes the following Poster Presentations:

Weight Prejudice in an Overweight Culture: including weight sensitivity training in cultural competence education

Devon L. Golem, PhD, RD, LD

New Mexico State University, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Human Nutrition and Dietetic Science

The effect of BMI on the age of menarche in adolescent girls 

Peter Pribis, DrPH, RD; University of New Mexico, Nutrition & Dietetics Program

Gina Segovia-Siapco; Loma Linda University, Nutrition Department

Joan Sabate; Loma Linda University, Nutrition Department

Relationships between ALT, Serum Triglycerides and BMI in a University Outpatient Pediatric Population Diagnosed with NAFLD

Deborah Cohen, DCN, RD, University of New Mexico Nutrition & Dietetics Program

Diana Gonzales-Pacheco, DCN, RD, LD, Research Nutrition Manager, Clinical and Translational Science Center, UNM Health Sciences Center

Orrin Myers, PhD Associate Research Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, UNM Health Sciences Center

Interactive Learning Assessment: Providing Context and Simulating Professional Practices

Elizabeth Yakes Jimenez, PhD, RD, Vanessa Svihla, PhD, Tim Castillo, MArch, Andrea Cantarero, Tabitha McKay, Justin Hertel, Kameron Baumgardner, Ingrid Hernandez, Salma Ahmed, Isaac Valdez

University of New Mexico

Kitchen Creations: A Cooking School for People with Diabetes and their Families

Cassandra Vanderpool, MS, RDN, LD, New Mexico State University

Development of an electronic data collection system for pediatric (ages 5-11) diet intake and physical activity (DIPA) behaviors

Deborah Cohen, DCN, RD University of New Mexico, Nutrition & Dietetics Program

Elle Skinner, Graduate Student, University of New Mexico, Nutrition & Dietetics Program

Could ADHD Be Influencing Weight Loss Success? Proposal to Gain Insight into the Matter

Amanda Hurford, Dietetic Intern & Graduate Student, University of New Mexico, Nutrition & Dietetics Program

The Effect of Exercise on Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Adolescents with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Cathy McQueen, Dietetic Intern & Graduate Student, University of New Mexico Nutrition & Dietetics Program

Diet beliefs regarding the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus of Hispanics in rural New Mexico

Angela Borrego, Dietetic Intern & Graduate Student, University of New Mexico, Nutrition & Dietetics Program

The Prevalence of Commercial Diet Use in College Students from a Minority Serving Institution

Stuart Adams, Dietetic Intern, New Mexico State University  

The Use of Focus Groups and Interviews to Improve Teaching Strategies for a Fotonovela 

Alejandro Colin, Dietetic Intern, New Mexico State University  

Impact of nutritionist-led grocery store tours on fruit, vegetable, and whole grain redemption rates of WIC participants

Renee Conklin, Dietetic Intern/Graduate Student, University of New Mexico, Nutrition & Dietetics Program

Nutrition Education Evaluation in Elementary Schools

Amanda Esquibel, Dietetic Intern, New Mexico State University  

Healthy Food Tasting Evaluation for Students at Sierra Middle School

Eloisa Mena, Dietetic Intern, New Mexico State University  

Water Tasting Lessons in Elementary Schools

Michael Mendoza, Dietetic Intern, New Mexico State University      

Focus Group Recruitment and Feedback from Students Regarding Healthy Food Zones

Cheryl Neeley, Dietetic Intern, New Mexico State University  

Las Cruces School Mapping for the Establishment of Healthy Food Zones

Christina Saliba, Dietetic Intern, New Mexico State University

Vitamin D and vitamin B12 status in adolescent and adult patients before and after bariatric surgery. 

Brittany Mally, Undergraduate Student, Nutrition Program; Deborah Cohen, DCN, RD, Assistant Professor, Nutrition Program, University of New Mexico


 NMAND Members:                                                Early Registration          Registration on April 11th

  • Thursday Pre-Conference Event  - CLOSED         $35                               $40
  • Friday Conference & Exposition only                   $85                               $105
  • Thursday and Friday Events both  -CLOSED       $105                             $125

Non-NMAND Members:                                        Early Registration           Registration on April 11th

  • Thursday Pre-Conference Event  - CLOSED        $40                               $60
  • Friday Conference & Exposition only                  $105                             $125
  • Thursday and Friday Events - CLOSED              $135                             $155

Students & Interns:                                                      Must Register by March 29th

  • Thursday Pre-Conference Event CLOSED                                 $25
  • Friday Conference & Exposition (No Lunch)                     No Charge, Free
  • Friday Conference & Exposition (CLOSED)                               $10
  • Thursday and Friday Events both (CLOSED)                            $35

Early Registration payment must be postmarked by March 28th in order to be registered for the lunch meal.  Lunch cannot be guaranteed for individuals who register after March 28th.



NMAND member is now on an AND Committee

Patty Keane, MS, RD, LD has been appointed to the Academy's Legislative and Public Policy Committee! Her appointment runs from January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2016. She is one of the nine appointed members of this committee. Come meet Patty at our Legislative Day event in Santa Fe on January 24th and give her your support and input! Congratulations Patty!


Sustainable Health Care Food.

The Food-Climate Relationship: The Registered Dietitians’ Balanced Approach to Positive Change   As food and nutrition experts, it is important for RDs to understand the connection between where and how our food is produced and the subsequent impact on the health of individuals and our environment. The ADA’s Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group (HEN) and Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) jointly formed Sustainable Foods in Health Care Taskforce, has created this resource to help dietetic professionals advocate for nutritious, sustainable health care food. We believe this resource will assist you in understanding the links between how food is produced, processed, and transported and the effect this has on human and environmental health."  
Questions? Contact: Kathleen Hoss MPH RD LD 314.452.7832naotsete@hotmail.com